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Get Sequence Monkey!

Click the logo to get the latest version: Sequence Monkey 2.9.0 (236 K).

Sequence Monkey was last updated 7 October, 2000. That means the current version has operated buglessly for five years.

The latest incarnation of the Sequence Monkey application, an html manual "It's the Really Big User's Manual for Sequence Monkey," and the original source code files (minus the libraries, etc.) are all available in the archive. If downloading does not work or the archive won't unstuff, please give it another try! The Manual will explain the latest updates. Note: the Manual was written 5 years ago, and as such some of the original contact information, etc. may be out of date.

Note: some users claim to have problems with version 2.9.0. If you are one of those, try version 2.8.1.

Get Sequence Gorilla!

Click the logo to get the latest version, Sequence Gorilla 2.8.1 (192 K).

Sequence Gorilla is the bigger, slower brother of Sequence Monkey. However, it can handle more data (100 taxa x 30,000 characters) than can speedy little Sequence Monkey (100 taxa x 3000 characters). A "Read Me!" that explains the gist and the source code are included in the archive.

Get Nexus Monkey!

Click the icon to get the latest version, Nexus Monkey is 1.1.0 (196 K).

Nexus monkey was last updated 14 August 2000. Nexus Monkey is another fine freeware application concocted to simplify the manipulation of molecular sequence data. The purpose of Nexus Monkey is to allow for the manipulation of NEXUS-formatted files after they have been created. Everyone knows, for example, how difficult it is, the way CLUSTAL_X seemingly arbitrarily rearranges your taxon order. Or what about when you just want to remove or edit the name of a single taxon? How about when you want to combine multiple NEXUS files with the same taxa into a single file — and designate the CHARSETS for PAUP to see and love? It is just for these problems that Nexus Monkey was born. A "ReadMe!" file and the source code are also included.

Previous Versions

Links to previous versions of Sequence Monkey, Sequence Gorilla, and Nexus Monkey are provided below. All applications are compressed as self- extracting archives without documentation or source code. Please refer to the documentation associated with the current versions.

Sequence Monkey


Sequence Gorilla


Nexus Monkey

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